Preview Events

The New Age of Caregiving Symposium pre-promotional events have begun and we are having so much fun.

Happy Hour Is On Me
Thursday September 27th
4:00p.m. – 5:30p.m.

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Over the last few weeks we have hosted a variety of events to encourage professional caregivers who offer products and/or services for family caregivers and their loved ones to learn more about the symposium. We provide networking, refreshments and a comprehensive presentation to explain how this special day devoted to caregivers will unfold. More importantly, “How will this event benefit their company?”

10 reasons why you would want to attend one of our Preview events and take a Tour at the Hilton

1) The New Age of Caregiving Symposium is the most innovative multi-dimensional marketing event in The Greater Tampa Bay area.

2) Attracting a National Keynote speaker is a WOW for our community. Lee Woodruff could have chosen a different venue, but she agreed to be our keynote speaker because she felt our passion, she understood our commitment and she wanted to be with people who could relate to her caregiver journey.

3) We are the only marketing event that provides a vast amount of promotional opportunities. They include pre-promotion, the day-of-the-event promotion and post-promotion of your company so your special message is repeated over and over again.

4) We utilize radio, television, print, social media, website links and the largest banner ads to promote your business as a sponsor.

5) We are an event that believes in collaboration. The caregiver needs our help, as a community we are here to help them. They need to see and hear your message.

6) We are the only event that inspires people to create outside-the-box ways to engage the caregiver at the symposium.

7) We are true believers in creating abundance for all of us. We all want to attract family caregivers. When you become a sponsor you are making a commitment to helping inform & invite family caregivers through your own networking circles, newsletters, and civic organizations to attend the event by sharing the symposium flier to as many resources as possible. Last year we had over 400 caregivers attend. This year we working together to have over 500 caregivers attend.

8) We are the only event that embraces the holistic caregiver. This means we think of the caregiver as a whole-person and offer ways to integrate different sponsors who can provide products or services that address the intellectual needs, medical needs, social needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs of the caregiver.

9) As a sponsor, you have an opportunity to highlight your product and/or services in a beautiful setting at The Hilton; where 2 jumbo screens can promote your business in a very unique and effective way.

10) We are the only event that takes an integrative approach to well-being for all attendees including the vendors and caregivers. Everyone is encouraged to get a massage, experience healing touch, Reiki, aromatherapy plus a meditation with Himalayan Bowls.
What are waiting for? This is your moment to embrace the symposium and become a part of something very exciting and valuable for your business.

Contact: Kim Linder at or call (727) 798-2663 for more information.